The STOMP Awards

Stamp Out Marine Plastic Pollution (STOMP).  The STOMP Awards recognize and reward individuals, civil society organizations, interest groups and youth that are taking-action and making an impact on the reduction of marine plastic pollution in South Africa.

These Awards create an opportunity for individuals and groups to come together to act, create and innovate with a common purpose. Our aim is to educate and communicate to a wide range of communities, the urgent need to change behaviours around the use of plastics, and to bring tangible and actionable opportunities for change to the forefront.


The awards, which are open to all South African residents, are grouped into four categories:

Technology or Technical Design category entries will be showcasing new and innovative design and/ or technologies that will help reduce or manage plastic pollution and encourage circular economy thinking.

The Product Development category is focused on consumer products or services that are innovative and allow consumers to reduce their plastic waste.

The Adult Inspire and Youth Inspire categories are focused on entries which use creative arts, artwork, photography, short films, dance, sculpture, graffiti, advert campaigns or any other art form to inspire people into creating a better planet and focus on new solutions to marine plastic pollution.

A Special Recognition Award for Action Category recognizes individuals, schools, civil society organizations or informal groups for the work they do in implementing cleanups, or developing and implementing projects to mitigate waste, reduce plastic, change behaviours or create awareness at a local, community level.

For more information and to find out how to enter go to the STOMP website: